Consign and Design Showplace - Upscale Resale in Lake Havasu City, AZ
Fine Pre-owned Accessories and Furniture in Arizona


Best place to find things!

"We’re from Kingman and we drive all the way down here just to shop at Consign and Design Showplace. This is the best place to find things. One of a kind and great prices too."

- Sue Kern

I decorated my entire apartment!

"I am most impressed with Consign and Design Showplace. I first discovered this place when I moved from Ohio to start my first teaching job. I decorated my entire apartment with beautiful furniture… all of which I found at Consign and Design Showplace. Because of the friendly and welcoming nature of the ladies that work there, I still continue to do business with them. I recommend you stop by and see for yourself the quality of furniture and home accessories they consign and sell. Thanks for being so great ladies! We love you!"

- Julie Daniels

Great place to buy unusual things!

"Consign and Design Showplace is a great place to buy unusual things. Have fun. I enjoy bringing my friends."

- Rosemarie Coletta

The gals in there are great and so very helpful.

"We moved here from Florida and discovered this wonderful Consign and Design Showplace. So we bought things and then we sold things. The gals in there are great and so very helpful. I love it!"

- Peggy Alarid

I will never stop visiting this place.

"I have made so many wonderful purchases here for my home. I visit often. There is always something worth checking out. Everything is so beautifully arranged and clean. I will never stop visiting this place."

- Joanne Sixeas

You just never know what treasure you will find!

"I have found so many wonderful items in Consign and Design Showplace, everything from art work to furniture and everything in between. What makes this store so much fun is you just never know what treasure you will find, so you must go often. The owner and the employees are always ready to help, with a smile and a friendly greeting. Check it out for buying or selling."

- Norma Wold

So many styles and unique items!

"We have been dealing with Consign and Design Showplace ever since the store opened. We have purchased so many one of a kind things that we never get tried of looking at. The store has so many styles and unique items. We never come in without finding something we flip out over, and it is always so enjoyable just to talk with these ladies. The money you can save here is amazing. I couldn't imagine going to a retail store anymore. This place is great!"

- Roger and Allie Overacker

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