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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Resale Thrives in Slow Economy

Lake Havasu City, AZ - The resale industry is one of the few recession proof segments of retailing. Not only does it survive during economic slowdowns but it grows and thrives. The appeal is twofold… Consumers are attracted to buying quality merchandise at a fraction of the original cost and the financial incentive to sell, consign or donate their unused or unwanted items.

With gas prices at record highs, food costs increasing, and housing expenses rising, it is no wonder that consumers are feeling cash and credit constrained. As they run out of purchasing power, they cut back on discretionary spending and change they way they shop_ but don’t be mistaken, people will still shop! Some people shop because it makes them feel better, others shop out of need… professionals still have to look good, children still out grow their clothes, newly weds and college students need to furnish their dorms and apartments. Recessions present the opportunity for resale shops to attract new customers. In this uncertain economy_ when people are shopping cautiously and focused on getting more for their money_ resale is the natural choice. The industry offers the best of both worlds… the chance to SHOP AND SAVE.

At Consign and Design Showplace we carry only good quality pre-owned furniture and home décor.  Many items never or barely used. Some from former vacation homes. Even some from foreclosed properties. We offer prices that are as low 25% -30% of new retail prices, and pay high  commissions  to sellers.  Best of all, nearly  98% of all items brought into the store sell, and quickly. Everyday new items arrive.” It always changes.” Says Marcia Tucker, owner. “We have been in Havasu nearly five years and our consignor and customer base continues to grow.”  We are located in the Heart of uptown Havasu on McCulloch Blvd.

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